Atlas Apothecary

A serene, luxe and evocative identity for a naturally-rooted skincare brand.

As an artisan skincare specialist, founder Seona combined her expert skin know-how with a love of the world around her to launch Atlas Apothecary. Drawing inspiration from the awesome sights, wholesome scents and ample flavours of nature, her collection of 100% natural products are all about nurturing, right from the roots.

Seona’s journey began 18 years ago, when she sought a delicate solution to soothe her new baby’s irritated skin and delved into the diverse world of natural oils. Inspired by her global travels, she explored an array of worldly ingredients to create her active-plant skincare range. From middle-eastern spices to hearty countryside herbs, her bespoke blends required a beautifully unique brand image to match.

Business card design with copper foil logo onto grey card
Packaging and stationery design for Atlas Apothecary natural skincare

When designing the brand’s all-important shelf presence, ombre watercolour landscapes set the scene. With traditional apothecary-style amber bottles linking back to the natural science behind the skincare and jewelled tones giving off a rich, vibrant feel.

Collection of amber glass bottle packaging for Atlas Apothecary natural skincare

A hand-drawn logo adds a flash of metallic copper and a personal touch. Keeping the overall look simple yet effective, much like the natural plant oils at the heart of the range.

Green tuscan landscape illustration on packaging design for a natural skincare brand
Evocative Moroccan landscape illustration for packaging design for Atlas Apothecary natural skincare with spices
Packaging design for Atlas Apothecary sea salt natural body splash

As the collection takes you from an evening stroll through a Tuscan ‘Valley’ to the fresh daybreak dew of the ‘Bay’ – each fragrance transports you in an instant.

From a tranquil amethyst ‘Meadow’ to the sensual ruby ‘Kasbah’ – each series within the collection takes on a hue and name to reflect the mood of its blend. A feeling of calm, beautiful therapy runs through the entire range as it appeals to both the senses and the soul.

Using nothing but natural ingredients, the Atlas Apothecary collection is lovingly handmade in the UK. Offering a mix of scrubs, washes, oils and balms to calm skin ailments and nourish healthy skin. An all-round authentic experience is further enhanced by the addition of a simple reusable cotton pouch, perfect for protecting each piece.

Packaging design for Atlas Apothecary natural skincare
Packaging design for Atlas Apothecary natural skincare

Brand identity, Packaging, Photography

Photography: Tara Liondaris

Cheshire, UK

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