Mad Millie

A quirky and illustrative approach for artisan food and drink making kits.

Mad Millie was born to represent the passion and spirit of those who go a little bit mad over their love of crafting. The brand was founded in Wellington, New Zealand, by a team who wanted to create the smooth, punchy, flavoursome cheeses that can only be found at farmers’ markets. To also share the satisfaction, unbeatable flavour and connection that comes from making the food yourself, from scratch. What began as an assortment of cheese kits quickly grew into a full range of more than 30 products; from yoghurt and sauerkraut to skyr, vegan cheese and kombucha.

They have come a long way from their humble kiwi roots, but they still operate like the original craft company they started out as. Mad Millie’s goal is to make things as easy and accessible as possible while making sure that the customer, the real creator, still has the chance to get back to basics. They’re all about inspiring slow living and creativity by doing something new and different with your free time. To celebrate their 10th birthday, the Mad Millie team relocated to Amsterdam and we created a fresh, new look and feel for the brand to launch in Europe.

Ginger beer illustration
Ginger beer kit
Icelandic Skyr kit
Skyr illustration
Kombucha illustration
Kombucha kit

We wanted Mad Millie to really stand out on the shelf and I created an illustrative style that could rolled out across the full product range and packaging by their internal design team. It’s hand-drawn and quirky, representing all the fun you can have with the food making kits.

Kefir packaging
Kefir illustration
Fresh cheese kit
Italian cheese kit
Fresh cheese illustration
Feta and tomato in jar illustration
Fresh cheese kit
Sourdough kit
Sourdough bread illustration

Brand identity, Illustration

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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