Jardiniére Sauvage

A botanical identity for an innovative city garden specialist in Paris.

Jardiniére Sauvage are on a mission to bring beautiful seasonal plants into the homes and lives of Parisians. Rebecca, the founder, believes that plants have a positive effect on health and wellbeing, and wants to spread the goodness of greenery by creating individual gardens across the city’s balconies. She believes we should surround ourselves with flourishing life and reconnect with the tranquility of nature, every day.

Living in the heart of Paris, they understand the challenges of keeping nature close. With that in mind, they source products and accessories designed for urban life. To capture the delicate balance of healthy living and luxe design, we created their visual identity to reflect the core values of the brand – always beautiful, smart and wild.

We chose a palette of deep greens and natural whites to represent the raw, unfiltered beauty of the brand, while touches of gold hint at the chic, Parisian style of the city’s homes. A classic serif logo paired with delicately hand-drawn botanicals keep a refined approach and we use 100% recycled paper, staying true to the brand’s natural ethos.

The packaging is simple – a fuss-free kraft bag, gold foil logo and sturdy herringbone ribbon. Adeptly designed and built to last, it is crafted to be used time and time again. Each order is personally delivered by bicycle within a local radius of the city, providing an intimate service amongst busy city life.

We created elegant hand-drawn illustrations to depict the seasonal plant selections on offer. With splashes of colour and delicate details bringing their beauty to life. As the collection grows month on month, we’re continually building our own botanical library of drawings. Promoting the power of plants and spreading the word about all of their intricate qualities.

Both the beauty and brains of the brand are outlined in a series of collectable postcards. Using a self-watering system, these city gardens are smart as well as splendid. Using easy-to-follow instructions and visually stimulating pointers, gardeners learn all they need to know to enjoy their beautiful, smart, wild, city garden.


Brand identity, Illustration, Print design

Lifestyle photography: Zoe Fidji

Paris, France

“I can't speak highly enough of Claire, both her design skills and approach to business. I feel she is there, supporting, guiding when necessary but in the most discrete, comfortable way possible, willing to listen, willing to ride some of the uncertainties of my start-up, and with clear, considered, highly organised processes that make it clear every step of the way. Claire has what fees can't buy - she cares and is a pleasure to work with."

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